The Project #: 3036043-LU

The Legal Issues With the Current Proposed Design
1. Current zoning code requires a minimum lot size of 19,000 sq. ft. for any structure over 145ft. The lot at 2616 Western is less than 15,000 sq. ft
2. Requested Departures are based on erroneous calculations
3. The current building design is in conflict with established Green St. Setback Guidelines

The Developer’s Proposal for 2616 Western
View the full design proposal from February 2021 here>>

Seattle Department of Construction & Inspections (SDCI)
The Early Design phase review purpose is to address issues around design – “fit and function,” not height or mass. The project is now through the design review – this does not impact our focus, which continues to be the Master Use Permitting. This is where we are making the legal case to ensure the building conforms to approved code. You can read more about the SDCI here>>

Seattle Land Use / Master Use Permit Overview
Building height and mass are addressed during the Master Use Permit (MUP) review. A master use permit (MUP) is a land use application. MUP and land use application are terms used to describe a review process that typically includes discretionary review. Discretionary review is a review that requires the city to use judgement when making a decision based on criteria defined in the Seattle Municipal Code (SMC). This phase consists of discussion between the city and the applicant – a process which may take a few months to year depending on the questions raised, the response provided, and the turnaround time. Find our more about the MUP process here>>

Seattle Building Codes
Current land use codes can be found here>>

Living Building Pilot Program Overview
The Living Building Pilot Program is intended to encourage development of high performing green buildings. More information about the program can be found here>>

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